I Quit My Job at Kinko's

by Frank Fuzz

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The (2004/5?) "debut" - I recorded a bunch of songs and wanted people to hear them; I wanted to quit my job and let people know their hookup was gone; I wanted to get some extra cash to go on a road trip; I used my resources to make up 100ish covers, burnt a bunch of CDRs and walked around/spread the word. People liked it a bunch more than I thought they would.


released January 1, 2005

Andrew Franklin Mansberger




Andrew Franklin Mansberger Michigan

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Track Name: Holy Bird Train
Aye aye! i wonder if he'll write me tell me his better days eyes lit up by a pipe perhaps a little hope yeah florida is warm michigan is cold being tough is getting old maybe i'll follow the scent of his sea salt hope what a fuggin joke give up yer greasy shack i'm not really that smart dumbdumbdumb the train is heavy i'll get another pack the birds are all coming back
Track Name: Seasocks
all the stations go to color bars weathermen become a lullaby pretty girls who'd never say hello to you got so much to say in your head look at all your socks from nights alone pretty girls who never say hello color bar of light you tease yourself color bar of light you please yourself under the weather a touch makes it better and white sock's a catcher and sea worthy fourth in a row and there's nowhere to go but down covered all your walls in crazy glue while your family fills the other room get your final rush before the sun get your final push before the sun morning's coming soon and i'll be coming too llal lala lala la la alal a la la al al la lala AAALALalal!!!
Track Name: cough
i got a sore throat and a cough lost myself in a person in a bed these pieces of lung the result of another mistake i knew i'd make that's all i've had enough some day i'll cough it up i'll stay up pluck out pretty tunes maybe i'll forget about this time created by my accidents found heaven inside some glass and smoke that's all i can hit these bottles and strings make myself believe i can forget this place and my mistakes clear my throat
Track Name: snowfall
snowfall like cotton on little dead cities and beautiful faces on girls are so pretty and drink all the drinks in our comfortable places and using the words to fill up empty spaces in song sleeping away all the hours you're missing and hoping that someone can answer your wishing and dreams of your children and comfortable places and no need to fill up the emptiest spaces at all